Best Collection Of TV Shows About Chess

Here, are the list of best chess shows as below: The Queen's Gambit, Chessboxing, Endgame, .

TV Shows About Chess

The Queen's Gambit (2020)

The Queen's Gambit TV Shows About Chess
Genre: Drama 
Release Year: 2020
Current Status: Ended
Country: United States
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 7

Story Line Of The Queen's Gambit:

In a Kentucky orphanage in the 1950s, a young girl discovers an astonishing talent for chess while struggling with addiction.

OTT Platforms for The Queen's Gambit are Netflix

Chessboxing (2012)

Chessboxing TV Shows About Chess
Genre: Comedy  Documentary 
Release Year: 2012
Current Status: Ended
Country: Spain
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 10

Story Line Of Chessboxing:

Endgame (2011)

Endgame TV Shows About Chess
Genre: Drama  Action & Adventure 
Release Year: 2011
Current Status: Ended
Country: Canada
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 13

Story Line Of Endgame:

Endgame is a Canadian drama television series that premiered on the Showcase Television network on Monday, March 14, 2011. The series is developed and produced by Thunderbird Films. The series follows former World Chess Champion Arkady Balagan, a genius who uses his analytical skills to solve crimes. The show starts three months after the death of Balagan's fiancée Rosemary, where Balagan has developed agoraphobia. Balagan uses those faculties he honed playing chess to help him solve cases. In the United States, the series is broadcast exclusively on Hulu.

OTT Platforms for Endgame are Amazon Prime Video