Best Collection Of TV Shows About Diplomat

Here, are the list of best diplomat shows as below: The Diplomat, Invisible Heroes, 마이 프린세스, He Knew He Was Right, Pandora's Clock, .

TV Shows About Diplomat

The Diplomat (2023)

The Diplomat TV Shows About Diplomat
Genre: Drama 
Release Year: 2023
Current Status: Returning Series
Country: United States
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 8

Story Line Of The Diplomat:

In the midst of an international crisis, a career diplomat lands in a high-profile job she’s unsuited for, with tectonic implications for her marriage and her political future.

OTT Platforms for The Diplomat are Netflix, Netflix basic with Ads

Invisible Heroes (2019)

Invisible Heroes TV Shows About Diplomat
Genre: Drama  War & Politics 
Release Year: 2019
Current Status: Ended
Country: Chile
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 6

Story Line Of Invisible Heroes:

Invisible Heroes tells the heroic tale of young Finnish diplomats in Chile during 1973’s infamous military coup. Finnish diplomats Tapani Brotherus and Ilkka Jaamala along with Tapani’s wife Lysa Brotherus helped over 2000 left-wing Chileans escape the military junta’s persecution. The Finns acted without official authorization while Swedish ambassador Harald Edelstam was the most visible defendant of human rights with the backing of Sweden’s Prime Minister, Olof Palme.

마이 프린세스 (2011)

마이 프린세스 TV Shows About Diplomat
Genre: Comedy  Romance 
Release Year: 2011
Current Status: Ended
Country: Korea, Republic of
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 16

Story Line Of 마이 프린세스:

Seol is an ordinary college student who was adopted but is living a happy life on her own. Working part time, she happens to have an unpleasant first encounter with Hae Young, a diplomat and the only heir of the biggest conglomerate in Korea. One day, he hears shocking news from his grandfather. The Blue House announces that they will carry out a vote on rebuilding the royal house, and his grandfather asks him to find someone urgently, who later turns out to be Seol. Against his grandfather’s wishes to donate their family’s wealth to the country, Hae Young tries to stop Seol, but she ends up moving into the palace to become a princess of the royal house.

OTT Platforms for 마이 프린세스 are Netflix, wavve, and Watcha Naver Store.

He Knew He Was Right (2004)

He Knew He Was Right TV Shows About Diplomat
Genre: Drama 
Release Year: 2004
Current Status: Ended
Country: None
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 4

Story Line Of He Knew He Was Right:

He Knew He Was Right was a 2004 BBC TV adaptation of the Anthony Trollope novel He Knew He Was Right. It was directed by Tom Vaughan.

Pandora's Clock (1996)

Pandora's Clock TV Shows About Diplomat
Genre: Action & Adventure  Drama 
Release Year: 1996
Current Status: Ended
Country: United States
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 2

Story Line Of Pandora's Clock:

A man infected with a deadly virus boards Quantum Airlines flight 66 in Frankfurt, Germany. The US government must stop the plane before it lands at JFK International Airport.