Best Collection Of TV Shows About Guitar Player

Here, are the list of best guitar player shows as below: Royal Crackers, ベック, .

TV Shows About Guitar Player

Royal Crackers (2023)

Royal Crackers TV Shows About Guitar Player
Genre: Comedy  Animation 
Release Year: 2023
Current Status: In Production
Country: United States
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 7

Story Line Of Royal Crackers:

Royal Crackers was once the king of snacks, but the empire is crumbling. When the family patriarch, tyrannical company founder Theodore Hornsby Sr. ends up in a “super coma,” the rest of the Hornsbys will take their lack of talent and business acumen and try to make Royal Crackers the success it once was.

ベック (2004)

ベック TV Shows About Guitar Player
Genre: Animation  Drama 
Release Year: 2004
Current Status: Ended
Country: Japan
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 26

Story Line Of ベック:

Koyuki Tanaka was feeling the rut, though he’s only a teenager. Between the sheltered and stifling grind of school and the girls that spend their time not noticing him… Every day was just another day of being a total nobody. Enter Ryusuke: a local rock n’ roller haunted by a shady reputation. Together they form Beck, a dynamic band that just might be the salvation of the stagnant music scene. Sure, it’s going to take hard work and obsession to make it, but there’s something special in the sound. If the guys can stay true to their vision, the world awaits. Music can change your life, sometimes against your will. Just remember… When it’s live, anything can happen.