Best Collection Of TV Shows About Intellectual Disability

Here, are the list of best intellectual disability shows as below: Unicorn Included, だいすき!!, The Stand, .

TV Shows About Intellectual Disability

Unicorn Included (2021)

Unicorn Included TV Shows About Intellectual Disability
Release Year: 2021
Current Status: Returning Series
Country: Canada
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 1

Story Line Of Unicorn Included:

A man (Jonathan) deals with the newfound responsibilities and problems of being a first-time homeowner, with the "help" of his unexpected roommate: a lazy, sarcastic unicorn (Unicorn) who came with the condo and won't leave.

だいすき!! (2008)

だいすき!! TV Shows About Intellectual Disability
Genre: Drama 
Release Year: 2008
Current Status: Ended
Country: Japan
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 10

Story Line Of だいすき!!:

Based on the manga "Daisuki!! Yuzu no Kosodate Nikki (I Love You! Yuzu's Parenting Diary)" by Mizuho Aimoto, this Japanese TV drama focuses on a woman named Yuzu Fukuhara, who, despite her adult age, has a condition that affects her mental age. After her boyfriend dies saving a child from being hit by a vehicle, Yuzu finds out that she is pregnant with his child. Despite her condition, she shows determination to be a mother and eventually has a daughter named Himawari. The show focuses on Yuzu and her family as Yuzu goes against the odds regarding her mental condition so she can be a good mother to Himawari.

The Stand (1994)

The Stand TV Shows About Intellectual Disability
Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy  Drama 
Release Year: 1994
Current Status: Ended
Country: United States
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 4

Story Line Of The Stand:

After a deadly plague kills most of the world's population, the remaining survivors split into two groups - one led by a benevolent elder and the other by a maleficent being - to face each other in a final battle between good and evil.