Best Collection Of TV Shows About Narcotics

Here, are the list of best narcotics shows as below: Dublin Narcos, Keisari Aarnio, AMO, Narcos, Под прикритие, Powder, Nasty Boys, Sinking Spring, .

TV Shows About Narcotics

Dublin Narcos (2023)

Dublin Narcos TV Shows About Narcotics
Genre: Documentary  Crime 
Release Year: 2023
Current Status: Returning Series
Country: United Kingdom
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 3

Story Line Of Dublin Narcos:

Over the 1980s and 1990s Dublin transformed from a recession-blighted backwater to one of the wealthiest cities in Europe. As its fortunes changed so did those of its criminals, who began selling heroin, ecstasy and cocaine. Dublin Narcos tells the story of the rise in addiction, violence and organised crime which persists to this day, with first hand testimony from the kingpins and cops to the ravers and users. We also hear from the fearless journalists whose attempts at exposing the drugs barons led to the death of one of their bravest, Veronica Guerin.

Keisari Aarnio (2018)

Keisari Aarnio TV Shows About Narcotics
Genre: Crime 
Release Year: 2018
Current Status: Ended
Country: Finland
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 10

Story Line Of Keisari Aarnio:

When Jari Aarnio was younger, he was honored as ‘Police Officer of the Year’, and quickly became Chief of the Narcotics Squad. The Squad boasted quick results and flashy confiscations. Aarnio’s reputation as a hero cop grew when he used a pair of garden sheers to diffuse a grenade which was tossed into his backyard by a vengeful criminal. Now, the hero cop is in prison, serving a maximum sentence. King Liar follows how Aarnio’s abuse of power was discovered through hard work and persistent investigation by Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation (KRP) and two reporters from the country’s largest newspaper. Together, they uncovered the most unbelievable tale of crime, bribery, prostitution, drug trafficking, and money laundering. When he was arrested, Aarnio denied all charges and tried to use his allies in the police department, media, and even the government to make it all seem like a witch hunt orchestrated by the KRP.

OTT Platforms for Keisari Aarnio are Ruutu

AMO (2018)

AMO TV Shows About Narcotics
Genre: Crime  Drama 
Release Year: 2018
Current Status: Canceled
Country: Philippines
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 13

Story Line Of AMO:

Despite the Philippine government's crackdown on narcotics, high schooler Joseph expands his drug running while his cop uncle profits from corruption.

OTT Platforms for AMO are Netflix

Narcos (2015)

Narcos TV Shows About Narcotics
Genre: Crime  Drama 
Release Year: 2015
Current Status: Ended
Country: United States
Total Seasons / Episodes: 3 / 30

Story Line Of Narcos:

A gritty chronicle of the war against Colombia's infamously violent and powerful drug cartels.

OTT Platforms for Narcos are Netflix

Под прикритие (2011)

Под прикритие TV Shows About Narcotics
Genre: Drama  Action & Adventure 
Release Year: 2011
Current Status: Ended
Country: Bulgaria
Total Seasons / Episodes: 5 / 60

Story Line Of Под прикритие:

Just an ordinary boy from the Sofia suburbs becomes the first bulgarian undercover cop. Forced by his father when he was young to lie and cheat, Martin becomes the perfect liar. That skill, and also the hatred of the 'underworld' makes him the perfect match for a dangerous mission - to infiltrate the crime organisation of a rich and powerful businessman. While infiltrating and living in fear of being uncovered, Martin falls in love with the most inappropriate woman - Djaro's girlfriend, Suni. Just when he gains the trust of the mobsters, it appears that the real enemy is in the police. Martin is alone against all, facing difficult decisions.

Powder (2010)

Powder TV Shows About Narcotics
Genre: Action & Adventure  Crime  Drama 
Release Year: 2010
Current Status: Ended
Country: India
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 26

Story Line Of Powder:

Powder is an Indian crime television series which first aired on Sony TV January 3, 2010 and ran for one season. The story is of the new scenario in substance abuse - a generation embracing drugs. Powder an insight of the durg lord, Naved Ansari, and an honest team of Narotics Control Bureau led by Usmaan Malik IRS who plans to nab Ansari before he can hoodwink the system into letting him go scott free.

Nasty Boys (1989)

Nasty Boys TV Shows About Narcotics
Genre: Drama 
Release Year: 1989
Current Status: Ended
Country: United States
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 14

Story Line Of Nasty Boys:

The Nasty Boys is a television action drama series based on the real life Narcotics Officers of the North Las Vegas Police Department.

Sinking Spring ()

Sinking Spring TV Shows About Narcotics
Genre: Crime  Drama 
Release Year:
Current Status: Planned
Country: United States
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 1

Story Line Of Sinking Spring:

Two lifelong friends from Philadelphia pose as DEA agents to rob a country house, but the small-scale grift quickly becomes a matter of life and death. The friends soon unravel as they find one of the biggest narcotics corridors on the East Coast.