Best Collection Of TV Shows About Red Hair

Here, are the list of best red hair shows as below: Ninguém Ta Olhando, 赤毛のアン, .

TV Shows About Red Hair

Ninguém Ta Olhando (2019)

Ninguém Ta Olhando TV Shows About Red Hair
Genre: Comedy 
Release Year: 2019
Current Status: Canceled
Country: Brazil
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 8

Story Line Of Ninguém Ta Olhando:

A new guardian "angelus" uncovers a secret behind the Angelus System's bureaucracy that leads him to break its official rules about protecting humans.

OTT Platforms for Ninguém Ta Olhando are Netflix

赤毛のアン (1979)

赤毛のアン TV Shows About Red Hair
Genre: Animation  Drama  Action & Adventure  Drama 
Release Year: 1979
Current Status: Ended
Country: Japan
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 50

Story Line Of 赤毛のアン:

Anne Shirley is a freckle-faced, red-haired girl, who grows up in an orphanage having lost her parents at a very early age. Anne is always cheerful and fun-loving despite being brought up without love or affection. When she turns 10, she is adopted by the old farmer Matthew Cuthbert and his sister Marilla. Anne starts her new life with Matthew and Marilla at a farm called "Green Gables", but actually the Cuthberts wanted a boy who could help with their work on the farm... Overcoming many hardships and meeting many friends and people, Anne grows up to be a strong-minded woman.

OTT Platforms for 赤毛のアン are U-NEXT