Best Collection Of TV Shows About Subway Accident

If you are searching for TV Shows about subway accident, then we have the list for you. Here, we have the list of best subway accident shows as below: The Tube: Going Underground, ガンツ, .

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TV Shows About Subway Accident

The Tube: Going Underground (2016)

The Tube: Going Underground TV Shows About Subway Accident
Genre: Documentary 
Release Year: 2016
Current Status: Ended
Country: United Kingdom
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 8

Story Line Of The Tube: Going Underground:

Carrying nearly five million passengers per day, the London Tube is one of the world's oldest and busiest metro systems in the world. Today the Tube is undergoing a complete overhaul that is long overdue. Take a behind the scenes look into the daily lives of drivers, emergency personnel, operations managers, and many others among the near twenty thousand employees of this massive rail system, as they navigate the evolution of the London Tube.

ガンツ (2004)

ガンツ TV Shows About Subway Accident
Genre: Animation  Action & Adventure  Sci-Fi & Fantasy 
Release Year: 2004
Current Status: Ended
Country: Japan
Total Seasons / Episodes: 2 / 24

Story Line Of ガンツ:

If you are chosen by the bizarre black sphere known as the Gantz, you are already dead—yet you might be able to reclaim your mortality. First, the Gantz demands that you undertake brutal missions of madness, killing aliens hidden among the population. It is your only chance and you have no choice. You must play this disturbing game. And if you die again—and you likely will—it’s permanent.

If you are wondering where to watch ガンツ online, then we have the list of OTT platform. You can watch ガンツ online in Netflix .

Conclusion TV Shows Based On Subway Accident

We always update recommendations list for TV Shows that are based on Subway Accident. Hence, Visit back to get the updated list. Currently the best Subway Accident tv shows are: The Tube: Going Underground, ガンツ, .