Best Collection Of TV Shows About Tomboy

If you are searching for TV Shows about tomboy, then we have the list for you. Here, we have the list of best tomboy shows as below: 커피프린스 1호점, フリクリ, .

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TV Shows About Tomboy

커피프린스 1호점 (2007)

커피프린스 1호점 TV Shows About Tomboy
Genre: Comedy  Drama 
Release Year: 2007
Current Status: Ended
Country: Korea, Republic of
Total Seasons / Episodes: 1 / 17

Story Line Of 커피프린스 1호점:

Han-gyeol is a smart young man who hates to be tied down to one career in his life. Abhorring the idea of joining the family business, he is ordered by his grandmother to manage a cafe. Unable to disobey his grandmother, he reluctantly takes over the responsibility of running a cafe and begins to immerse himself in the gourmet coffee business. One day, he meets Eun-chan, whom he mistakes as a boy, and learns the meaning of true love...

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フリクリ (2000)

フリクリ TV Shows About Tomboy
Genre: Comedy  Animation  Action & Adventure  Sci-Fi & Fantasy 
Release Year: 2000
Current Status: Ended
Country: Japan
Total Seasons / Episodes: 3 / 18

Story Line Of フリクリ:

Naota is a normal Japanese 6th grade boy although a little cynical. When his older brother leaves for America to play baseball, his brother leaves his 17 year old girlfriend Mamimi behind. Mamimi is sending mixed signals and make advances on Naota, and he doesn't know what to do about her. But to make matters worse, Naota's world is totally turned upside down when he is run over by a woman on a Vespa. During their first encounter, she hits him over the head with her guitar, which then causes a horn to grow out of his forehead. She calls herself "Haruko" and her presence changes Naota's life to even further insanity.

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Conclusion TV Shows Based On Tomboy

We always update recommendations list for TV Shows that are based on Tomboy. Hence, Visit back to get the updated list. Currently the best Tomboy tv shows are: 커피프린스 1호점, フリクリ, .